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Eidolon City

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Max DiGiovanni.

Max DiGiovanni. The one to take the throne. The one who was meant to rule them all.

Until he killed his teacher at twelve years old and was hidden away like a dirty secret. The rabid dog of the DiGiovanni family, Max was meant to be the heir, the one to lead the family into the second half of this new century. Those dreams are his sister's now. Arienne's got big plans and they involve more than just their family.

So what if he's overly depending on his sister? He can deal with the fact that she's bringing a Konovich into their fold and he'll lead the Romeo and Juliet through the underworld of mob politics in Eidolon City. He may no longer become the head of a new world order, but he'll be his sister's Hand. The one to strike down their enemies.

So you better stay on their good side.

Eidolon City: Where Stars Burn Bright.

That is, as long as you stay on the good side of certain people...

It's the 1940s and metal pipes rain down on innocent memorial goers as the foundations of a mob war is being laid. Romeo and Juliet are planning on taking over with Hermes guiding the way. Scarlet O'Hara is cleaning up the ruins of her fallen family to open up the hottest nightspot on the town. Hepestus is a ladies man and Lilith is your city coroner. This isn't your average noir game. Everyone is either a dreamer or a literary character but all are tied into the heart of the city.

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